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Surprise Appearance of Skrillex alongside Anita B Queen

11th April 2023
On Tuesday, April 11, Hype announced one of its biggest international events of the year. As Anita B Queen was closing her set, a surprise guest took the stage and shocked the people that were in attendance.
Rosa Pistola

Rosa Pistola desafiando los límites del reggaetón

25th April 2023
Laura Puentes, más conocida como Rosa Pistola, colombiana que lleva viviendo más de 15 años en México, ha creado un concepto que va más allá del entendimiento latino y ha tomado el control absoluto del reggaetón underground. Su estilo musical es subversivo y experimental y genera en la pista de baile un ambiente erótico y violento.

DJ Lizz brillando en Buenos Aires y llevando el neoperreo al mundo

11th April 2023
La representante internacional de Chile para el mundo entero, fue protagonista de una noche histórica en Hype.                       
Merca Bae

Merca Bae (ES) to headline 15th Nov

1st November 2022
Merca Bae has been described as one of the most ground breaking artists in the underground scene, filling a space between dancehall and Caribbean rhythms, heavy basslines, and industrial beats. Don't miss his set at Hype on Tuesday 15th November!

Don't miss our infamous Valentine's Day party!

2nd February 2023
Valentine's Day can be a complicated time for many people. Some revel in the romance of the day, while others prefer to avoid it altogether. For those in the latter group, we have the perfect solution: an Anti-Valentine's Day Party!

Hype Announces Groundbreaking Move to Accept Cryptocurrency and Use NFTs for Ticket Sales

25th of December 2022
Hype, one of the most popular and successful events in the country, is taking a bold step forward by announcing that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment from the beginning of 2023. Not only that, but the club is also implementing a revolutionary new system for ticket sales - using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).